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posted by: Best Western Dorchester Hotel on: January 25, 2021

Image by: Kristendawn 


A new year means time to slow down and relax, and its a great time for a new hobby. In someplace as beautiful as Nanaimo, why not try your hand at photography? All you need to start is your phone camera and a great view. There’s an abundance of beauty in Nanaimo, your pictures will practically take themselves! From the oceans to the forest, and the city in between, you’ll soon have a collection of incredible photos. 


Ocean Snapshot

Being by the water has its advantages: fresh air, scenic views, and incredible wildlife! Get up close and personal with a whale watching tour. You’ll have a chance to see and photograph these incredible animals while enjoying the sea breeze. Want to be on a boat without the whale watching? Take a ferry to one of the islands or charter a catamaran! You can also try a fishing boat tour for an experience that is both interactive and fun.


Framed by Nature

If you like to enjoy the view of the water with your feet planted firmly on the ground, head over to the Waterfront. This area offers seaside views and urban walking trails where you can take pictures, picnic, or shop off the path. The Harbourfront Walkway, Maffeo Sutton park, and Piper’s Lagoon are great waterside trails and home to some outdoor art pieces. To immerse yourself further in nature, take a short trip outside of the city to one of the many parks and paths in the surrounding area. There are hikes for every difficultly level, from easy walks to climbing the beautiful Mount Benson. Hike to the top for an incredible view and a photo memory to look back on. 


Picture-Perfect City

You don’t need to only be in nature for pretty pictures and views. Walk through the city districts and explore what Nanaimo has to offer! The Old City Quarter is a picturesque mix of refurbished heritage buildings and small businesses, and the Arts District has plenty of paintings and pieces on display to look through for inspiration. While you’re there, enjoy the delicious meals that Nanaimo has to offer! Between the delectable seafood and apt-named Nanaimo bars, there is no shortage of options to eat in the city. Have a sit-down meal at a waterside restaurant or grab a coffee and baked good to eat on a stroll. For a great brunch and a fresh seafood dinner, try The View Oceanside Grill. Craving a burger for lunch? Check out Top Notch Burgers


While you’re documenting all the wonders Nanaimo has to offer, stop at the Best Western Dorchester Nanaimo Hotel. Centrally located beside the Nanaimo harbour, its the perfect home base for your Nanaimo adventure. 


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