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Art is everywhere in Nanaimo. Not only is the city full of public works of art by local artists, but if you go for brunch or coffee chances are you’ll see someone at a table writing in a notebook, sketching an upcoming work or hanging out with their band. It’s just that kind of town – where everyone is inspired and interested in making something great.


That’s why events like Nanaimo’s Vancouver Island Short Film Festival are so beloved – because they represent what can be achieved in art. The short film is a truly democratic medium because while it can be difficult to put together the resources to create a feature-length movie anyone with a camera, some technical know-how and enthusiastic friends can put together a five to ten-minute short film to express an idea or feeling they otherwise couldn’t shake.

Those low stakes mean that short film is where some of the most exciting developments in cinema are happening, and the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival is deeply invested in bringing them to the public! Taking place at Vancouver Island University on February 1-2, NSSF brings short films – and their creators – to the silver screen! Watch exciting new projects by international creators and local talent, and listen to on-site interviews with them to discover their inspirations, their know-how and their passion!

We’re especially excited to see local filmmaker Raymond Knight’s “Living With,” a moving, beautiful, sad but uplifting documentary about a young boy with a rare form of cancer! Also “Inanimate,” an animated short about a young woman who happens to be a puppet trying to discover the world outside the set! There are many, many more and they’re all exciting in a way that a trip to the seven-plex really isn’t.

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