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For years now, Rich Aucoin has been one of the unsung heroes of Canadian indie music. A profound multi-instrumentalist with an ear for a great hook, he writes fun, lush music that people love but for some reason isn’t a household name.

It’s a mystery why he isn’t more famous, but don’t get too bogged down in figuring this out – just know that you should absolutely check out Rich Aucoin when he plays in Nanaimo on November 1 at the Queens.


There’s a lot of entertainment out there for kids – too much, probably. Much of it is noisy and brash. But every now and then a children’s performer comes around with heart, wit, and fun to spare. What’s the first song that springs you to mind when you think of Raffi? Baby Beluga? Bananaphone? Down By The Bay? Whatever you thought of, how do you feel now? I’ll bet marginally better than you did before you started humming quietly to yourself. Good children’s music is a gift, and it is a gift that you can give your children that they will appreciate for the rest of their lives. Take them to see the one and only Raffi at the Port Theatre on November 9!


One of Canada’s favourite comedy shows, CBC’s The Debaters is a showcase for some of the country’s funniest talents. Hosted by Steve Patterson, incredible comics debate silly topics like “does pineapple belong on pizza?” or “are in-laws family?” with hilarious arguments crafted to make a point and inspire laughter.

The Debaters are on a holiday tour and will be bringing Steve Patterson, Deanne Smith, and Graham Chittenden to the Port Theatre on November 19. It’s sure to be a very merry time!

Nanaimo is beautiful, and even in November is incredibly temperate on our island shores! Book a room at the Best Western Dorchester Inn to take a break from the winter blues in Nanaimo.
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