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Nanaimo has it all - towering trees, mountains, a beautiful city- but it’s best known for its dazzling waterfront. Nanaimo is a seaside town, and that makes water activities some of the most popular things to do while in the area. Locals and visitors alike love to spend their days on, in, and around the water!



Kayaking and rowing are popular things to do in Nanaimo. It’s a great workout while also being relaxing. Floating out in the water without a motor, just paddles, is calming and quiet, even on busy days. There’s a large community of people who kayak or canoe in Nanaimo and many of them form the city’s Canoe and Kayak Club. You can rent a boat when you’re in the area to enjoy this water activity yourself.                  



Another popular activity in Nanaimo are the snorkelling tours. Snorkelling tours can get you up close and personal with the shallow marine life around Nanaimo. Snorkellers look forward to seeing all sorts of fish, and even have the chance to see seals if they’re lucky! Snorkelling tours will provide all equipment necessary for your tour, so all you need is to be comfortable swimming and have a sense of adventure! Check out Nanaimo Dive Outfitters for various tours around the area and to book online today. 



For something more relaxing, a day by the beach is always a day well spent. Nanaimo has many beaches to choose from, like Departure Bay or Piper’s Lagoon Park. There’s nothing like the salty sea air and the sound of waves to unwind. There are so many things to enjoy at the beach, both in the water and out. Play some volleyball, go for a run, have a swim, sit in the sun, read a book - the options are endless and that makes for a fun-filled day. 


If you’ll be in Nanaimo this spring, stay at the Best Western Dorchester Nanaimo. We’re located right by the harbour making us the perfect location for all your water-related activities. Come for the location and stay for our comfortable amenities and friendly staff who will make your stay memorable. 

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