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Travelling for medical reasons is a part of life. Thankfully, hotels across Canada make travelling easier by offering special discounted rates to those in town for health care-related purposes. With the rise of COVID-19, hotels have become an even more integral part of medical travel, with people needing a place to self-isolate. Whether travelling from abroad or working somewhere that experienced an outbreak, the need for a place to quarantine outside of one’s home is growing. This article touches on how to go about booking a room for a medical appointment or to self-isolate in Nanaimo, British Columbia.


Medical, Compassionate, and Self-Isolation Rates

For those that don’t know, medical, compassionate, and the more recent phenomenon of self-isolation rates are offered by many hotels across the country. These rates are essentially discounts offered to hotel guests who are travelling for medical reasons, such as an appointment with a specialist or a surgical procedure, who are travelling to say goodbye to a loved one or to attend a funeral, or who require a place to stay in order to quarantine. Finding a hotel that offers such rates has never been easier in Nanaimo thanks to the Government of British Columbia’s online Medical Travel Accommodation Listing tool. With this tool, you can select the BC city you need to visit, such as Nanaimo, and a whole list of available hotels that offer medical rates will pop up. From there, you can contact any hotels of interest and either book a room over the phone or online.


What to Expect Upon Check-In

Upon arrival at the hotel you have booked, you may be required to prevent proof of medical necessity in order to secure the discounted room rate. From there, depending on the purpose of your visit, your experience may differ. Those requiring a place to self-isolate due to recent international travel or possible exposure to COVID-19 will be asked not to use the hotel facilities. In other words, you will be required to stay in your hotel room. In addition, the hotel room will not be serviced until you check out, to ensure the safety and health of hotel staff. That said, any amenities that you would like to enjoy, including food, can be delivered to your hotel room door. 


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