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Nanaimo is a nature lover’s dream. Set between the sea, mountains, and lush rainforests in the heart of Vancouver Island there’s so much to see and do in the great outdoors. If you want to venture out and get in some physical activity this November, there’s no better place to be than Nanaimo for an early winter getaway!


Some people are sad when winter comes around. Some people count the days until they can get on a hill and start shredding some fine powder.

If you love playing outdoors, Nanaimo is a wonderful place to visit. With hiking and other sports activities all year round, our town is a portal to all sorts of natural wonders. Not the least breathtaking mountain and ocean views. But no matter how hardcore you are, you can’t spend all day, every day outside. Eventually, you need a break.

When that time comes, it’s time to appreciate the beauty of mountains in a different way. The Banff International Mountain Film Festival features the best skiing films in the world, bringing their sweeping shots of powdered vistas and daredevil antics of the most fearless skiers and snowboarders who have ever lived. It’s not just ski films, though – you’ll also see short and feature films about adventurers from around the globe pushing themselves to the limits and discovering new possibilities, both in themselves and in nature. The films are exciting, terrifying, and completely electrifying. Don’t miss out. 

Check out these adrenaline-pumping films showing at the Banff Mountain Film Festival between November 25 and 28. There are two sets of films that will be showing only once, so pick your dates and get ready for thrilling ski adventures in the mountains!

Of course, after an exhilarating day of exploring the island and watching heart-stopping adventure films, you'll need a good night’s rest. Book a stay at the Best Western Dorchester Hotel in the heart of Nanaimo’s beautiful harbour for a rejuvenating rest that will prime you for another day of thrill-seeking and excitement.
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