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Image by: Joerg Rosenthal


It’s been a long year already, and summer is slipping by so very fast. If you’ve been dragging your heels getting out and celebrating nature this year, you owe it to yourself to come to Nanaimo this August – an easy destination for locals, Nanaimo is located to some of the most stunning natural beauty on Vancouver Island – which puts it in the running for some of the most stunning beauty in the world!  


Cathedral Grove earned its name from the spiritual, almost religious feeling you get by staring upwards through the vast canopy of trees, overwhelmed by green majesty. It’s a spectacular spot, and if you’ve never seen it you owe it to yourself to make the trip. 


Located a short drive from Nanaimo in MacMillan Provincial Park, Cathedral Grove is a rare example of a Douglas Fir forest. The trees tower so far into the sky that you can’t even see their tops from the ground, and their bases are so wide that even a massive family couldn’t hold hands around the trunk!


Cathedral grove features a vast array of walking trails, and while it is somewhat busy in the parking lot it doesn’t take much walking before you’re all alone in nature. The park may be temporarily closed at the moment - please check the status online before heading to the park. 



Located in the south of Nanaimo, this park has beautifully groomed walking trails and also a water reservoir that you can swim in! While locals do often use these trails and the swimming hole, it’s never been particularly busy, making this an easy spot for getting away from the crowds and going for a gentle hike and refreshing swim without even leaving the city. If you come to Nanaimo, it’s a relaxed way to get out without making a big deal of it. 



Looking for more of a challenge? Then the trails climbing at Mount Benson are waiting for you! You’ll be among the select few walking up the side of the mountain on any given day. Don’t worry, there are paths – no climbing gear required! But we do recommend you bring a good pair of shoes or boots because it’s not exactly as “chill” as a trip to Colliery Dam. 


That said, if you’re up to the moderate challenge, then you will be rewarded with an unparalleled view of Nanaimo and its surrounding waters! 


You deserve a getaway – and the Best Western Dorchester Hotel is working hard to give you a safe, clean, RELAXING trip away from the day-to-day! Book your room at the Dorchester Hotel today and enjoy a relaxing trip to one of Vancouver Island’s jewels! 


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