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There is no better time to visit Nanaimo than in the off season. Unlike the busy summer months, the town is quiet and as quaint as ever. Plus, there are plenty of activities you can still take part in, like walking along the waterfront, going for a hike, or eating the city’s most famous food: Nanaimo bars! Keep reading to discover our favourite things to do in Nanaimo this November.


Stroll Along the Waterfront

Go for a November stroll along the city’s beautiful waterfront before the weather takes a turn for the worse. Nanaimo has a long and scenic waterfront walk that will not only have you strolling along the water, but will take you past some of the city’s best attractions. At the south end, you can marvel at boats as you walk past the marina. As you venture further north, you will come to a coffee shop, a gourmet tea shop, several ice cream shops, and other eateries. 


Go Hiking

Nanaimo is one of the best places to go hiking on Vancouver Island. The city is home to several leisurely walking and cycling trails, such as the Parkway Trail, Walley Creek Trail, E&N Trail, and the waterfront walkway mentioned above. However, it’s also near some beautiful trails in nature, like those offered in Pipers Lagoon Park, The Morrell Nature Sanctuary, and on Newcastle Island (a Marine Provincial Park). 


Eat Your Way Through the Nanaimo Bar Trail

Lastly, no visit to Nanaimo would be complete without eating the city’s most famous food: the Nanaimo bar! If you’re a fan of this chocolatey treat, then why not embark on the Nanaimo Bar Trail? This is a self-guided trail designed by the city that maps out every coffee shop and bakery selling Nanaimo bars in Nanaimo. For a classic Nanaimo bar, stops include Serious Coffee North, Hearthstone Artisan Bakery, and Vault Cafe. For a twist on the original, you can get a deep fried Nanaimo bar at Pirate Chips, a Nanaimo bar cupcake at A Wee Cupcakery, and Nanaimo bar fudge at Cabela’s. Take the tour and decide for yourself which is best!


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